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Welcome to Blogging

Welcome to Blogging

What is a blog?

The word blog is gotten from the longer phrase “Weblog” and it can mean a number of things depending on the content you fill it with.

A blog can be an online diary, a tutorial site, a portfolio and so on. A blog can be anything you want it to be.

I intend to make this blog serve a couple of purposes. To serves as an online diary, as a resource for creative millennials and finally to make money.

A blog is different from a website. Blogs allow readers to leave comments on posts that they like. These comments help to build interaction and a sense of community that makes blogs so unique.

Blogs are also frequently updated than websites.

Types of Blogs

There are many different blog types but here are the most popular that you would find online:

Personal Blogs

On a personal blog, you get to share your experiences and stories about a topic. You do not have to an expert before you can start a personal blog. Most personal blogs are created as a hobby but you can still make money from it.

Personal blogs can be based on different topics. As a student, you could create a blog documenting your life in the university. If you are a parent, you could decide to start a parenting blog where you talk about raising your kids.

Examples of personal blogs you can get inspired from are: making sense of cent (personal finance) and living well spending less(Frugal living)

Niche Blogs

Niche blogs contain content surrounding a single or closely related topics. The goal of starting a niche blog is to position you as an authority in a niche.

The niche can be about fashion, cooking, marketing and so on. Focusing on a single topic would attract a loyal audience who would turn to ready customers if you decide to monetize the blog.

Creating a niche blog around a topic that you are passionate about is the surest way of making the most out of such a blog.

Examples of popular niche blogs are (Online Marketing) and Minimalist Baker (Baking)

Business Blogs

A business blog is a blog run by a business to promote its products and services.

Business blogs serve as the marketing tool that helps businesses to place themselves in front of their customers.

Business blogs are often run by an individual contributor or a team of contributors depending on the amount of content that is expected to be produced.

The topic of a business blog is usually surrounding the product of that business. For example, a business that makes fishing kits could create a blog about how to fish, use a fishing kit as well as how to maintain a fishing kit.

Business blogs could also provide news about what is happening in a particular industry.

Top business blogs that you would find on the internet include business insider (business news), Geekwire (tech news) mind my business.

Affiliate Blogs

An affiliate blogger has the simple goal of recommending products or services through affiliate links and then receive commissions if a visitor buys the product or service they recommend.

These kinds of blogs are mostly filled with product reviews.

To be a successful affiliate blogger you would need to be honest. When visitors see that you make honest and unbiased products reviews, they’ll trust you.

Shoe money and Affilorama are examples of good affiliate blogs

Other kinds of popular blogs include podcast blogs, non-profit blogs, community blogs, and media-type blogs and so on.

Why you should blog?

People create blogs for different reasons. These reasons are not mutually exclusive meaning that you can create a blog for more than one reason.

For example, I created this blog to for three main reasons – to serve as a resource guide for millennials and creatives, to document my journey and finally to make money while doing so.

Here is a rundown of the most popular reasons why you should start a blog:

  • To become better thinkers, researchers and writers

You would need to be a good thinker, researcher, and writer if you intend to create a blog that stands the test of time.

Creating content for your blog would involve that you take your time to make think about topics that your readers would be interested in, research such topics and put the research down in clear and concise writing that they would understand.

If you are consistent with blogging, you would discover that your thinking, research, and writing skills have gotten better than when you started.

  • To make friends and increase network

Great bloggers become great because they have succeeded in creating a community of loyal readers and fans.

You can use your blog to inspire, and educate your online community on how to improve certain aspects of their lives.

You would also make new friends and create new connections that would not have existed if you did not create a blog. The interesting thing about these connections is that your new friends may be on the other side of the world.

It is said that your network is your net-worth so many people blog to create as big as a network as possible.

  • To stake your claim to the Iron Throne

(Sorry, I just had to make a GOT reference)

The Iron Throne is a symbol of undisputed authority. Blogging can help to become an authority on a topic that you have special knowledge about or have a unique point of view about.

We all have different stories and experiences; therefore we see things from different points of view.

Creating the content on your blog from your own special point of view can help you to quickly become an authority especially if you have an audience for that niche.

  • To make money

Aha! I know this is the part you have been waiting for.

Blogging is one of the most profitable businesses that you can start online. All you need is a smartphone/laptop and access to the internet.

Although it can be profitable, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme as it could take a while before you earn anything from the blog. You’ll likely fail if your sole purpose of starting a blog is to make money.

You can make money by selling a product, placing ads on the site or through affiliate links.

  • Create awareness

If you have a social cause that you would like to promote, starting a blog is a good way to go about it. On the blog, you can keep people updated about the latest news and occurrences surrounding that social cause.


By now you should know what a blog is, the most popular kinds of blogs and also reasons why you should start a blog.

Do you have a blog? Drop the link below so I’ll check it out. Thank you for reading.

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  • I finally started posting on my blog in February but school work has made the blog not to look like what I want, but hopefully new posts will be up in the coming weeks

    • I understand. Actually had a blog when I was in school. I had to delete it because I couldn’t keep posting on it. I trust you would do better than me.

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